The Wandering Eye
The Wandering Eye
Upstate NY

For as long as I can remember I have been mesmerized by family albums, those tiny and imperfect moments caught with the click of a shutter and suspended in time for all eternity. The curls on the back of your two year olds head, the toothless smile of your 6 year old, the awkward newly long limbs of your almost teenager. That first kiss as man and wife, the nerves, the excitement. The moment you finally dance with your Father on your wedding day as proud tears quietly fill his eyes. Those precious moments in time slipping through fingers that can't quite seem to hold them still enough. I'm here to capture them all.

what should we expect?

I'd love for you to arrive at our session feeling as relaxed as possible and ready for some fun. We'll talk ahead of time so we can get to know each other and together we'll make a plan for something that will make your session unique! I want to capture you and your love/s looking at your best and I'm here to tell you that won't be when everyones neatly arranged and smiling awkwardly for the camera. I have a documentary style that lets the natural character of your family sing out, but don't worry i'll be there to gently direct you and tell awful jokes to keep everyone loose and happy. Trust me when I say this approach will yield the images that really make your heart skip a beat. 

what should I do when the kids turn crazy?

RELAX! I know it's hard, I know you've invested a lot, I know you want this to go well but if that vein in your temple starts to go then the whole session becomes tense and decidedly less relaxed. If we keep the session moving and fun I find little ones curiosity and excitement to be included usually means they can't keep away from the action for too long. Most of all know I have lots of tricks up my sleeve!

family sessions from $325

Base Package includes a 1-2 hour session with up to 5 family members and all edited images displayed in a downloadable high-res online gallery to share with friends and family.

where should we go?

Anywhere! No really. Favorite donut shop? I'm in. Your couch? Totally down. That crazy field at the bottom of your yard? Lets do it! I'll ask you some questions to begin with that will help identify what you're hoping to get from the session. An opportunity to freeze time and remember that delicious face your one year old pulls getting out of the bath? Or maybe something more stylized that requires some planning. Whatever it is we'll work hard to make it as personal as possible to you and if you're stuck I'll be more that happy to provide some great suggestions. We'll talk about the best time of day to shoot for your session and balance your needs with when we can get the greatest light for the greatest images. 

what should we wear?

Anything that makes you feel comfortable and at your best. If we're capturing everyday moments be relaxed and be you. Less matchy-matchy more gently coordinated if that's your thing. I recommend steering clear of logo heavy/character tee's only as they can be distracting for you in your final images. I'm happy to offer any advice and input to help you create the look you're after, but nobody does you better than you.

weddings from $2,750

Base Package includes Consultation, a Pre Wedding or Engagement Shoot, 6 hour 'Day Of' coverage and all edited images displayed in a downloadable high-res online gallery to share with friends and family.


Every one of my sessions and their requirements are unique, so please get in contact and we can discuss a tailored package that fits your needs.