Pregnancy Essentials : 1st and 2nd Trimester

Pregnancy Essentials : 1st and 2nd Trimester

I should preface any recommendations I might be about to make on navigating the first 6 months of pregnancy by saying I have not been as graceful in the face of it as I may previously have hoped.. 

Nor have I found myself in receipt of that ubiquitous glow so often touted. In fact I had imagined this strange and wonderful time in my life to yield much more wandering through flowered meadows and much less dry-heaving than has been the case.. Alas. In review it has instead involved a substantial amount of moaning and a deep desire to be able to wear high-waisted jeans again.

But as my second trimester draws to a close I find myself reflecting on the things that have made the first 28 weeks of my pregnancy easier and with it a wave of nostalgia, wrapped in it's rose tinted glory arrived letting me see it all anew again. This work is hard work, but whoever said the honor of growing my sweet babe would be anything less? Hard work after all, yields the most rewarding and life affirming results.  

So without further ado lets get to it..

1. Camelbak Eddy $8.99

I had terrible morning sickness (ha! more like every waking hour of the day sickness) from around 8 weeks up until 16, when thankfully it dissipated. I spent many, MANY hours of those two months in bed battling fatigue and trying not to smell or think of food that wasn't beige. This water bottle was a godsend allowing me to stay hydrated, keep track of how much water I'd drunk during the day and not requiring me to sit up which honestly at the time felt like a bit of a stretch. 

2. Kashi Granola Bars $2.99 (6 count)

Up until 20 weeks if I didn't eat something almost immediately upon waking, or when feeling hunger pangs I still battled some nausea and lightheadedness. Saltines quickly became tiresome and I wanted something that I could carry around in my purse easily. Enter these Granola Bars. Unlike a lot of others available they were relatively low in sugar and contained ingredients likely to offer at least some passable nutrition. 

3. Oscillococcinum $9.99 (6 count)

I seemed to pick up every cold bug imaginable during this winter and have always sworn by this homeopathic wonder. When taken at the first signs of symptoms it has always cut either or both the length and intensity of a cold. I chatted with my midwife and she was happy for me to continue to use this but as always in pregnancy consult your own doctor and make the decision that's right for you and your body! 

4. Eucerin Intensive Repair $8.99 Bio Oil $12.99

My skin has always been sensitive and pregnancy seems to have really ramped that up a notch, especially during my second trimester. This Eucerin Intensive Repair cream has become a staple in my rotation, the formula is thick and consequently I prefer to apply it at night and wash it off come morning. It leaves my skin incredibly soft and used a few times a week I notice a marked improvement in my skins hydration and tolerance. Although it's a more traditional drug-store formula that some women choose to avoid during pregnancy it still gets a favorable score on the Good Guide. I've also been using Bio Oil in rotation with other great nourishing oils such as Shea Oil to keep my belly and breasts extra hydrated. I've had good experiences before with Bio Oil after some bad scarring from my appendectomy in my early twenties, but some people prefer not to use it during pregnancy. As always make sure it's a choice both you and your healthcare provider are happy with. 

5. Pajama Set $24.99

As I moved into my second trimester my skin got INCREDIBLY picky about what clothing it would tolerate, especially at night. After itching, huffing and removing layers at 3AM one too many times I invested in several new pairs of modal pajamas. Preferring not to stump up extra for maternity specific pairs I found this style from H&M which is perfectly suited to a growing bump. They're just the right kind of soft and work well on both the cooler and warmer nights we've been experiencing recently. 

6. Leachco Pregnancy Pillow $52.47

I am an evangelical user of this body pillow, in fact I'm basically in a very involved and loving relationship with it at this stage. Every night as I cocoon myself in it's pillowy goodness I declare out loud for all to hear just how life changing it is (I should be clear this is in no way a sponsored post, I just really, really love this thing). I held off until around 20 weeks when you are advised to start to be more careful of sleeping on your back (I'm a traditional front or back sleeper) but honestly wish I had made the purchase earlier given all the time I spent in bed in my first trimester. My neck issues lingering from a bad car crash almost a decade ago have started to ease and my tired body feels supported at the end of the day when I curl up. I fear I shall never be able to sleep without it again. 

So there you have it! What are your recommendations for surviving and enjoying these unique 9 months, especially the last three? I'd love to hear them in the comments below..